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The mission of the IRONMAN Foundation is to create positive and lasting impact through grant funding and volunteerism by supporting various athletic, community, education, health, human services and public benefit non-profit organizations around the world.  

The IRONMAN Foundation intends to provide funding and financial support to any program that furthers this mission and is offered by either (1) an organization which is described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the code), or (2) an organizations which is not described in section 501(c)(3) of the code but uses such funding and financial support for the foregoing charitable mission.  

The IRONMAN Foundation will make decisions regarding grant proposals based upon the needs and programs of the applicant and their fulfillment of the mission and purposes of the Foundation.  

If you would like the check mailed to a different address than the organization address, please provide that information below.

501c3 non-profit organization
Other type of non-profit or tax-exempt organization
For-profit organization using funds for charitable purposes

Organization Type Required Documentation

Please upload your organization type's required documentation. Please note, if the proper documentation is not provided a grant cannot be issued.

1) 501c3 non-profit organization (DOCUMENT: IRS Letter of Determination)

2) Other type of non-profit or tax-exempt organization (DOCUMENT: IRS Letter of Determination or IRS issued Government Information Letter)

3) For-profit organization that will use funds for charitable purposes (DOCUMENT: Description of how the funds will be used for charitable purposes on organization letterhead)

Documents that will not be accepted 

1) 990s

2) W-9

3) Articles of Incorporation



The grant to your organization from The IRONMAN Foundation is made solely for the purpose(s) described above. The donation of the grant is made conditional to your acceptance of the terms described herein:


The funds shall be donated only to the above-named organization or agency and no assignment, transfer, or encumbrance in favor of any party shall be recognized. In the event that your grant needs to be reprocessed due to incorrect information being received in this application, an administrative cost of $50 associated with reprocessing will be deducted from the amount of your initial grant donation. A third request for a grant to be reprocessed will be declined and result in the loss of grant funds. I acknowledge that the check is void after 180 days, and if I fail to cash it a new check will not be issued. 



To use the funds solely for the stated purpose(s).

To repay any portion of the grant that is not used for the stated purpose(s).

To maintain program and financial records adequate to verify expenditure and activity related to this grant. 

To provide acknowledgment of this gift from The IRONMAN Foundation. 

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